About John Henry

John Henry knows brand-building. He knows the street. John has dealt with the harsh cold realities of craft distribution for over 20 years. He can help you command the local land for your brand.

BACKGROUND: John is an El Buho Mezcal principal founding partner and Director of Sales. As a NY-based spirit entrepreneur, John has been a critical part in the launch and the continued success of a host of other brands like Lagavulin, Glenmorangie, Sauza and DonQ. Over the years he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Esquire on the WB Network, on HBO and in an array of other trade and consumer publications. And he is an instructor at the Institute for Culinary Education in NYC on spirited business matters. John is an experiential brand building marketer whose forte is to leave a memorable impression on every customer encountered. Then let the good word and seed spread. As an eventeur and educator, John creates something special with any group he encounters. He led the Cktl 101/102 and NYCW (New York Cocktail Week) efforts for Liquor.com and created, staffed and executed events from DC to Boston. John is a founding partner in ArteAgave.com and Bartisanal.com. He is an expert on both emerging craft brands and beers as well as major supplier brands, being one of the first Brand Ambassadors for Johnny Walker as well as Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

John is a West Point graduate who brings a passion and a plan to this effort. He is a professional actor who has appeared in over a dozen films (The Good Shepherd, CopLand, Mergers & Acquisitions, et al). Plus he has a keen eye for the talent who shines. Currently John is a partner in PipeLine Brands, a grass-roots brand building company now in its eighth year.

Services & Successes

John Henry's mission is to take you and your brand through an ST (a mini-session), a day or weeklong intensives. In your neighborhood, with your reality. On the ground. So you and your brand emerge stronger, leaner, greener and better positioned to command your share of the market. Build organically seeded sales growth for the life of your artisanal brand. sales-team-6-logo Sales Team6 CORE PRACTICES:

How to Build your Brand Bootcamps on Street

Created El Buho Mezcal brand with Equipo El Buho from a Brooklyn homebase.

Face your market reality and competition

Pushed Q Drinks & DonQ Rum into On-Premise head on against Fever Tree & Bacardi. Found distribution.

Master the daily clock, weekly schedule and monthly calendar

Showed Greenhook Gin owner how to work prime selling days & times.

Why and How to followup to sell deep

Built St Germain from 18 cases month one with deep hard relationship support.

Forge Custom Sales tools

Created cocktail program for Russian Diamond.

How to Be the Brand on the Street

Built Maker's Mark with an enlightened handsell, 24/7 on the streets of New York.

Tasting Events with John Henry

ROLL OUT THE BARREL. Bring that great craft spirits tasting to your home, office, party or special celebration location! John does events that focus on your your favorite spirit, be it: Whiskey, Tequila, Mezcal or Your Favorite Craft Spirit. Contact him today to setup your next event.



Has helped build:


John took the art and craft of the handsell to a whole new level!

Bill Samuels, Jr, Maker's Mark

This man is a sales assassin.

John Eason, National Sales Director, DonQ Rum

Nobody and I mean nobody masters in store tastings like John Henry.

Mike Dennehy, Founding Partner, Russian Diamond Vodka

John lives, dies and thrives on the street. Like the John Henry of lore: laying sales rail and beating the big machine. A one man brand building tour de force.

Jim Meehan, pdt

Building a spirits brand in New York is a long shot. To have any prayer you need a veteran street soldier; few have the expertise of John Henry

Steve D'Angelo, Founder, Greenhook Ginsmiths

John Henry is a sales ninja!